Freedom City: Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch Session #1

The Freedom Watch
Issue #1 “Beginnings”
Game Date: January 1961
Actual Date: January 21, 2011

Heroes Present:
Professor Weird
Red Scourge

Plot Summary:
The heroes learn that the Inhuman League is terrorizing the city, causing property damage
and stealing things. The heroes tracked Spyder, Boogeyman, Bull, Vulture, and Arcanix to a
warehouse in Greenbank near the railroad yards.

In the ensuing battle Spyder was captured. Bull was tracked to the abandoned building he
was living in and captured. Boogeyman, Vulture, and Arcanix escaped. Arcanix was seen
holding a book and a Greek vase before he teleported away.

After investigating the nature of the book and vase, Professor Weird was able to use a scrying
spell to track the missing vase. The heroes followed the trail into the sewers on the Southside
and discovered an old storage room that was being used as a hidden lair. Arcanix was in the
midst of a ritual to open a gateway to Hades. After a short battle, the bad guys were
prevented from completing the ritual. Arcanix, Marutukku, and Vulture were captured.
After the battle, an image of Hades appeared before the heroes and let them know that they
had made an enemy.

The vase (“Pelike of Hades”) and book (“Magicks of the Ancients” by William Purcell, London,
1852) were returned to their rightful owners.

Professor Weird later purchased the book from The Never-Ending Story book store to keep it

The heroes dubbed themselves “The Freedom Watch.”

Memorable Lines:
“Time to make some pumpkin pie!” – Red Scourge

Awards: 1 hero point, 1 power point was awarded to each PC



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