Freedom City: Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch Session #2

The Freedom Watch
Issue #2 “There Are No Small Heroes”
Game Date: January 1961
Actual Date: January 29, 2011

Heroes Present:
Professor Weird
Red Scourge

Plot Summary:
Red Scourge discovered a business card from an individual named Mr. Infamy, who promised
he could help an individual achieve his deepest desires. A phone call to Mr. Infamy’s secretary
led to an appointment for 10pm that night at Club Notorious down on the edge of the

Our heroes learned that ASTRO Labs scientists were being murdered in their homes and
offices around town. At the scene of the third murder, Red Scourge met FCPD Detective
Broyko and got a briefing on the case. Red Scourge also met Dr. Roy Newbeck, who claimed
he would be the next victim of the assassins.

Red Scourge and Dr. Newbeck went to Liberty Park, where Newbeck reluctantly explained
the history of Project Zacchaeus. Project Zacchaeus was a project at ASTRO Labs being
sponsored by the U.S. Air Force involving subatomic travel. The theory was that it was
possible to shirk small enough to travel to a so-called Microverse. The project team created a
transporter capable of transporting six humans. Impulsively, the project team decided to
transport themselves to the Microverse ahead of the project schedule.

The team of five scientists landed in a strange desert outside of a large city. They were
exploring towards the city when one of the scientists, Dr. Keith Mikkelson, triggered a trap and
was impaled through the arms and legs. The other scientists panicked and ran back to the
transporter, leaving Mikkelson to his fate.

The remaining scientists returned to Earth. Unsure of how to explain the disappearance of
Mikkelson, they came upon the plan to send the transporter back to the Microverse and claim
that Mikkelson had stolen it and traveled there by himself. They also reasoned that maybe
Mikkelson could use the craft to return to Earth if he was still alive.
Mikkelson never returned, the Air Force canceled Project Zacchaeus, and the remaining
scientists went back to work at ASTRO Labs on other projects. Everything was fine until the
scientists were murdered one by one by strange creatures with advanced weapons.
Professor Weird and Backlash were summoned to meet Red Scourge and Newbeck in Liberty
Park. As they arrived, the transporter materialized nearby and a party of aliens attacked the
group with the intent of killing Newbeck. The heroes defeated the attacking force, which
consisted of five aliens armed with blaster pistols and a leader of a different race named

The villains were put into police custody. Stranglehold was spouting off about a bomb and
how the heroes would “get yours.” The heroes decided to use the transporter to travel to the
Microverse and disable the bomb.

The craft materialized outside a building on the outskirts of a deserted city. The heroes
attacked the building and defeated the guards, including a humanoid robot named Replica.
They then encountered and defeated the mastermind, a villain named Viberon. Viberon was
actually Dr. Mikkelson. He had somehow survived his injuries and his injured limbs were
replaced by bionics.

The heroes discovered that the Inversion Bomb only existed in schematic form and had not
been built. They destroyed all of the machinery in the facility and then brought Mikkelson
back to Earth, minus his bionic limbs. The transfer back to Earth was too much for
Mikkelson’s system, which could no longer survive outside of the Microverse because of the
nature of the treatments he had received for his injuries.

When the heroes returned, they were met by Air Force officials, who took the transporter and
Newbeck into custody. The heroes were advised to forget all about Project Zacchaeus.
With their heroic work complete, the heroes were able to make their appointment at Club
Notorious. Actually Red Scourge did, the others were denied admittance by the doorman.
Red Scourge talked with Mr. Infamy, who refused to answer any questions about himself, but
offered the name ‘Christian Sprau’ as a piece of information that would help Red Scourge.

Memorable Lines:
Awards: 1 power point each

Viberon didn’t die instantly when you returned him to Earth, he took the opportunity to do a
comic book style death where he explained everything that happened to him:

After arriving in the microverse with the other scientists, Mikkelson was gravely injured by the
trap. After being abandoned by the others, he was found by the inhabitants of the city who
called themselves the Naqlids. The Naqlids are a peaceful race and had not intended to kill
any intruders, so they used their advanced technology to repair Mikkelson’s injuries. They
used cybernetic prosthetics to replace his arms and legs, which were ruined by the attack.
They used other devices and treatments to stabilize and treat his internal injuries. These
devices, coupled with Mikkelson’s alien origins, combined to make him very aware of the
vibrations of particles and gave him the power to control those vibrations within his body. By
vibrating his molecules, he was able to shift through walls. (The alterations to his body that
allowed him to perform these vibrations are what kept him from being able to survive outside
the microverse.)

Mikkelson recovered, but he resented the Naqlids even though they saved his life. He
yearned for revenge against the scientists who left him behind.
Mikkelson’s opportunity came when a spaceship carrying Ipzin warriors crash landed near
Naqlid City. Mikkelson used his powers to kill the leader of the Ipzins and take control of the
group, which consisted of warriors from three different castes – red, blue, and
orange.Mikkelson unleashed the Ipzin warriors on the peaceful Naqlids. Naqlid City was
destroyed and the surviving Naqlids were driven underground into the sewers and catacombs
of Naqlid City. Many of the Ipzin warriors were killed as well.

Mikkelson had the Ipzin’s build an outpost on the edge of the ruined city which they used as a
base for foraging raids looking for parts for various inventions Mikkelson was planning. On
one raid, the warriors brought back a deactivated robot. Mikkelson repaired the robot and
dubbed it Replica for its human-looking appearance.

Later an escape pod carrying the Thaulian outlaw known as Stranglehold landed near the
city. Mikkelson befriended Stranglehold, taught him English, and told him tales of a wonderful
place called Earth. Stranglehold very much wanted to leave the backwater of the microverse
and travel to Earth as described by Mikkelson. He swore to help Mikkelson get revenge in
exchange for transport to Earth.

Mikkelson by this time was completely insane and began calling himself Viberon. He trained
Stranglehold and a band of Ipzin Beta Caste warriors how to use the transporter that had
been sent back by the scientific team. Viberon was able to build devices to spy on Earth.
Using records of each scientist’s distinct subatomic vibrations from the transporter, Viberon
was able to pinpoint those scientist’s exact location on Earth. This is how he was able to route
the assassination team directly to the scientists’ locations.

The inversion bomb was targeted at ASTRO Labs’ Freedom City campus. It was designed to
materialize there (using the same technology as the transporter) and detonate a wave that
would disrupt the atomic structure of the matter of the building. Essentially, the atoms that
comprised the structure would collapse in on themselves and destroy the building complex.

While Mikkelson had become an evil monster, he was in many ways a victim himself

Freedom Watch Session #1

The Freedom Watch
Issue #1 “Beginnings”
Game Date: January 1961
Actual Date: January 21, 2011

Heroes Present:
Professor Weird
Red Scourge

Plot Summary:
The heroes learn that the Inhuman League is terrorizing the city, causing property damage
and stealing things. The heroes tracked Spyder, Boogeyman, Bull, Vulture, and Arcanix to a
warehouse in Greenbank near the railroad yards.

In the ensuing battle Spyder was captured. Bull was tracked to the abandoned building he
was living in and captured. Boogeyman, Vulture, and Arcanix escaped. Arcanix was seen
holding a book and a Greek vase before he teleported away.

After investigating the nature of the book and vase, Professor Weird was able to use a scrying
spell to track the missing vase. The heroes followed the trail into the sewers on the Southside
and discovered an old storage room that was being used as a hidden lair. Arcanix was in the
midst of a ritual to open a gateway to Hades. After a short battle, the bad guys were
prevented from completing the ritual. Arcanix, Marutukku, and Vulture were captured.
After the battle, an image of Hades appeared before the heroes and let them know that they
had made an enemy.

The vase (“Pelike of Hades”) and book (“Magicks of the Ancients” by William Purcell, London,
1852) were returned to their rightful owners.

Professor Weird later purchased the book from The Never-Ending Story book store to keep it

The heroes dubbed themselves “The Freedom Watch.”

Memorable Lines:
“Time to make some pumpkin pie!” – Red Scourge

Awards: 1 hero point, 1 power point was awarded to each PC


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